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Sunday, 3 October 2021

SUICIDE SPECIALS: single action, spur trigger, rimfire revolvers circa.1870's-90's

 There is very little information available about "Suicide Specials" and the post US Civil War boom in the mass production of non-martial  firearms, specifically inexpensive, easily concealable pistols & revolvers.

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Norwich Pistol Co. "Protector" .32 caliber rim-fire Revolver

I made a replacement cylinder hand spring, which works well, but the cylinder hand may need repair, and in the meantime I have it half functioning as the hand helps lock up the cylinder , but  it needs to be indexed by hand.
I have yet to shoot this revolver, however it is in excellent condition, and the barrels bore is rust free, so I plan to shoot it sometime soon.

I bought this nickel plated antique revolver last year, and it has been enjoyable learning the history of this, and other other antique revolvers made during the late 19th century.
With only the two lines engraved on the top and left side of the barrel, I found the US Patent dated April 23, 1878.
The Patent was filed by W.H. Bliss, and is for the circular, one piece side plate/hammer axis pin
The trade name "Protector" was mentioned in the 1958 book called "Suicide Specials", however, not all the information seems to be 100% accurate, but most is useful.
The Canadian RCMP has a Firearms Reference Database, or FRT, which states that this revolver was made by the Norwich Pistol Co./Norwich Falls Pistol Co. in Norwich, Connecticut, USA

In 1880 my Colt New-Line .32RF sold for around $10, and the Norwich Pistol Co. Revolver was available for under $3...and when you compare the two, side by side, there is no comparison, the Colt is like a Corvette and the Norwich gun is a Chrysler K-car.
Norwich, Connecticut was a gun making city, and more than two dozen manufacturers were located in late 19th century Norwich.

Saturday, 25 September 2021

.32 Caliber Rimfire Metallic Cartridge Ammunition

The original black powder .32 caliber rimfire short and long cartridges were very popular in the 19th century, and  many rifles and revolvers were  produced for that chambering from approximately 1860 to the early 20th century.

Above is the .32 caliber Rimfire cartridge next to the .22 caliber rimfire cartridge.

A rimfire revolver can be easily identified by the blade design on the hammer. The blade crushes the rim of the cartridge when firing the revolver.

This is a S&W No.1½ "2nd model" that accepts either .32 short or long rimfire cartridges.

The Smith & Wesson No.2 "Tip-up" Revolver and the smaller No.1½ Revolver were the first .32 caliber rimfire revolvers S&W produced.

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